Frequently Asked Questions - More FAQ for Green Mapmakers

Login at
Under MyOGM, choose My Account.
Click one of the sites you have put on your map

Above the site's title, you will see 3 tabs, View, Edit and Clone.
Click Clone.
It duplicates the site and changes the title to Clone of - Site Name -
Simply change the title, then scroll down to the map.
Move the scale slider almost the way to the top and click the location of this new site.
You can change the address and any other details, then click Submit on the bottom.

This Clone tab is visible on any site that you have made (your user name appears on the site's bottom line.
That is why we suggest going through MyOGM's to My Account, as only your own sites are visible there (whereas Map Dashboard includes sites by others on your map).

Of course, you can start by creating a new site, then clicking its Clone tab.

Cloned sites have all the same features as any other site.


First, have team members register themselves by clicking Get Involved or Create New Account at (You can do this by clicking Invite new members on a tab over your map)

You should login and go to the map you want to add them to, using MyOGM (or a direct link).

Map Team (tab over map)
Edit Roles (by any name on the bottom of this page)
Add Members (tab at top)
Type in their username, not their email, to add them to your Map Team.

Then click, Add Users.

Then, click Configure Member Roles.

You can make each a Team member (add and edit just their own sites), Coordinator (edit others' sites, too) or Team Leader (can make new maps, too). Give each just one role.

Click Save Changes.

The Open Green Map platform allows registered Mapmakers and public users to share maps on external websites with easy-to-use widgets and HTML code. We have provided step-by-step embedding instructions so you can begin to share your map immediately. Download the file below.

You can embed the map into Facebook too! Download the tutorial here

Iframe_Tutorial_3-2010.doc3.81 MB

Only registered Green Mapmakers (Team Leaders) can download a CSV file that contains their own Open Green Map's data. The Team Leader has the sole responsibility to authorize their Team Members to download the information for each of their Open Green Maps from this platform.

Note: If you want to lead a Green Map project, details are in this FAQ or click here.

The CVS file's information is quite useful if you are planning to print a Green Map or plan to integrate it into a GIS database. Each CSV file contains the details for every green site such as Site name, Primary, Secondary and Accessibility Icons, URLs, contact information, Geo-location (latitude and longitude), among other details.

You can open this CVS file using a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Calc. If you create a good resource for using the data, please share with other Green Mapmakers by adding it to's Mapmaking Tools in the Resource section's Tool Center.

Here's how to download the CSV file. Start by logging in, then view the Open Green Map you wish to download. Click the Import/Export tab above your map in order to download that map's CSV file. If you have more than one Open Green Map, repeat the process to import all your site data. Open the CSV file using a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Calc.

Find more information about Importing (currently, quite difficult) and Exporting at that Tab. Over time, we expect to create more advanced tools for this purpose.

Currently, you can only copy and paste into the Open Green Map's Site Form.

Green Map System is working to develop a spreadsheet that will let you upload batch information from your computer, especially useful when you are collecting and editing site data offline. Read what else is underway at In Progress.

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