What kind of software is used in the Open Green Map?

Drupal: Drupal is the backbone software of the Open Green Map participatory mapping platform. It is a content management system (very flexible database for multiple users and formats of content) co-created and constantly improved by users around the world. As seen at Drupal.org, it’s free, and like most open source applications (user generated software), it’s an evolving software. Drupal has allowed us to build in many innovative ways to view our maps as well as the profiles and resources at GreenMap.org.

Google: OGM also uses the Google Map API that let us merge our icons, local knowledge and the Google Map platform to display the Open Green Maps. Free and familiar to an ever-growing global audience, this technology is very important to OGM's usability around the world!. We have more to thank Google for, as we also use their excellent website Analytics, AdWords and Search that help new users find our websites.

Server: OGM's dedicated, carbon neutral server is donated by Pair Networks. A terrific boon to Green Map System, pair has given us great technical support for many years, too. Find out more this and other Sponsors on the bottom menu.

Icons and other Green Map resources: The nonprofit Green Map System was created with a collaborative open source spirit, which we called the 'gift economy' when the global program was initiated in 1995. Much of what you see here and at GreenMap.org comes from the network of Green Mapmakers who want to share love their home with the world. It's not 100% open, though - the Green Map® Icons are copyrighted and the name Green Map® is trademarked by Green Map System, Inc. as we opted to protect our iconography and identity from potential misuse.

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