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The icon is in the wrong Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum & New York Museum of Transportation Anonym

The icon is in the wrong location.

11/29/2011 - 09:56
IT HAS JUST BEEN SOLD. Campbell-Whittlesey House Museum Anonym



I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and was raised in the Caribbean, before completing my college education in London, England.
My undergraduate education was in liberal Arts at the University of London and my post-graduate was Masters of Science in Systems Analysis, Design and Project management.
I had several careers: road sweeper, English Teacher, Systems Analyst and Direct Marketing Manager before starting my career in Medicine. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to return to High School for one year in my late 20’s to complete pre-medical requirements, and go on to medical school. I was awarded a full National Scholarship by the Government of Grenada, which enabled me to complete my medical school training in England and the USA.
Before deciding on location for my medical residency training, I took three months off, bought a season ticket from Greyhound Bus Company and spent twelve weeks traveling the length and breadth of the USA, scoping out potential locations. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided on Upstate New York.
Given its reasonable cost of living; adequate infrastructure; cultural, recreational & culinary options; its proximity to a faster-pace life style of Toronto, skiing in Lake Placid and good hiking country in the Adirondacks, the scenic Finger Lakes district; its access to one of the world’s top orchestras, fine array of local wines and to several national and internationally recognized health systems - Rochester presented itself as a pretty attractive option.
I completed a Family Medicine residency at University of Rochester and I am in process of completing a residency in General Psychiatry at University of Rochester Medical Center. Once again, it was time to
re-consider my options for future.
As a medical provider, a keen Sabres & Rhinos supporter, novice ice skater, RPO & Broadway Show enthusiast, as well as keen hiker – Rochester still has me hooked. What often surprises many of my friends is when I tell them that I can commute from Rochester to downtown Manhattan in New York City in three and a half hours, .take in a museum, do some shopping, enjoy a good meal and a show, yet still be back home and in bed by midnight the same day.
When I initially saw the advertisement for C-W Museum House, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Where else in the world could you purchase a museum? When I discovered that it was in Cornhill, it seemed like a dream come true. I recollect that during my first month in Rochester, a colleague took me to Cornhill to show me one of the more historic districts. At that time thought to myself that if I were to settle in Rochester, that it would probably be in Cornhill.
I am aware that the Landmark Society regretted in having to give up this property, but at same time, I am honored that it considered me a suitable steward of one of Rochester’s oldest surviving homes, - a fine example of Greek Revival architecture and a National Historic Landmark. This style of architecture was very significant at time for both the USA, as well as City of Rochester development, due to its strong ties with classical tradition and democracy. It represented a physical expression of local nationalism and civic virtue, free from religious and aristocratic associations.
The opportunity to participate in such a significant civic project makes me feel more at home and gives me a greater sense of belonging within a local community, which has been good to me.
The Landmark society agreed my purchase offer which included access to the parking spaces, immediately along boundary of the house. The final costs of renovations are likely to be significant.
One of the most common questions asked is “what is it like to live within such close proximity to I-490” ?
Well, it is surprisingly noise-free, perhaps because of its lower elevation than the expressway itself. It also has a great view of bridge and the city skyline. The central location also makes it easily accessible. A major and challenging goal will be how to utilize the property’s proximity to I-490, and increase its visibility. I have several innovative ideas, but I will have to work closely with the City and Preservation Boards, in order to reach an acceptable consensus.
My major goals are to eventually restore the property to its former glory, increase its visibility in the local community, to allow public access to the property and to make it self-sustainable financially. In order to achieve this, I intend to work closely with and draw on the expertise of neighborhood preservation society, the Landmark society, City of Rochester, as well as Conservation Societies at State and Federal levels.
The planned renovations will occur over the course of several years.
The initial phases will focus on the external building - restoration of the main façade and brick work.
The inside of the home requires rewiring and new plumbing, as well as installation of a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom. The final stages will focus on decorating and furnishings.
All restoration work will be done in close consultation and collaboration with the Landmark Society. All the significant architectural details will be preserved.
To be financially self-sustainable, it will require creative use of the existing space. There are several small-scale commercial options, which will be sensitive to preservation of historical integrity of the property and administered by a future ‘Not-For-Profit’ corporation.

05/22/2011 - 21:29
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