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The average family in Swansea produces one ton of rubbish each year, which is about the same weight as a car. But a lot of it isn't really rubbish at all. It could be used again or recycled to make something new. Over 60% of our dustbin contents could be recycled and put to good use. Recycling cuts down the need for new resources.
A large percentage of your household waste can be recycled. Swansea Council provides a number of recycling sites across Swansea. Use the Kerbside Collection scheme, ie. Your GREEN BAGS, for recycling of paper, glass, and cans, as well as collections for garden waste and kitchen waste.

Further Information
It is important that everyone 'does their bit' to help to reduce the amount of rubbish which is sent to landfill each year.
Here are some practical suggestions.

REDUCE the amount of waste that you produce by;
Buying products with minimal packaging, e.g. loose fruit or vegetables rather than pre-packaged.
Where possible avoid buying disposable items, e.g. biro's, batteries, razors.
Refuse extra packaging where possible e.g. carrier bags.
Consider using reusable nappies - an average baby will use about 5000 disposable nappies. Reusable nappies reduce waste and saves money.
Compost your garden waste.
Reduce the amount of junk mail you receive - Write or register online with the Mailing Preference Service (Call 0845 703 4599) to have your name removed from mailing lists.

REUSE items, this will reduce the need to buy new items and save resources.

Reuse carrier bags when you go shopping.
Choose reusable / refillable containers.
Pass on unwanted household items and clothing to charities

RECYCLE whatever wastes can be accepted in your local area.

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